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Avast! Unleash your inner shipwright, custom build your own ship and set sail upon the open seas. For coin and glory you will wage war upon the creatures of the ocean! 

OceanBound is a ship building, monster fighting game. While docked, build upon your ship and craft the ultimate boat. There are no size limits to the ships you can build, but nothing is free, and the only source of income in these high seas are the bounties on local monsters. Beware, you only keep your earnings if you make it back home in one piece, though the kind dock-workers will repair your ship when you sink, free of charge.


  • WASD to move
  • Right click and drag to pan camera
  • Shift click to remove parts from the ship
  • E to interact with crossbows and wheel

The game is in very early alpha stages, so all feedback is appreciated!


OceanBound Alpha 0-0-3 install.exe 51 MB

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